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About Us 


Ever since we have been in business, we have been committed to bringing you Quality Self Defense products at or below our competitors prices. 

Here at BullDog Self Defense Products when we say we care about your safety, WE MEAN IT!  It's why we do what we do. 

Why buy from us?

1. Peace of mind.  Here at Bulldog Self Defense Products we guarantee all of our Products!

   This is important when it comes to Self Defense Products because if you ever do need

   to use them, they need to be dependable and function properly!


 2. Our excellent customer support. There are two ways to contact us. Fill out the form on the contact us

     page or via e-mail at  Support@bulldogselfdefenseproducts.com  with any questions or concerns. 

     Either  way, we will respond within one business day. 




Our Stun Guns have a lifetime guarantee!  All of our products are some of the very best you can buy!

That means they will defend you for life. 

(Please learn how to operate  our self defense products by watching our tutorials)

Here at Bulldog Self Defense Products your business is important to us! 

Give us a chance to earn your business.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

We are committed to do what it takes to earn your business.


                                                                              Bull Dog Self Defense Products

                                                                                We Care About Your Safety!


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